Senior Care Consultants Lucas Advisors offer Senior Care Consulting Services to kick off the New Year

Based in the Charleston area, Lucas Advisors offers counseling services for seniors to start the new year. With Lead Senior Care Consultant Luke Daniels to transform the lives of many seniors in 2022.

Lucas Advisors, a leading senior advisory service, is one of the most trusted care providers in the Charleston area. For the new year Lucas Advisors offer Counseling services for seniors for senior citizens and caretakers who need help finding the right solution. Founder Luke Daniels was quoted as saying during the announcement: “I’m here so you can focus on enjoying your life.”

People struggling with age-related health issues can now turn to Lucas Advisors for the help they need to plan and manage their health care, medical care, and other future living conditions before it becomes a dire situation comes. Lucas Advisors’ goal is to help seniors and their families proactively plan for their future living needs. The company’s experienced consultants help to review and select the best living conditions and health-related services that meet the client’s specific needs and requirements.

Lucus Advisors also provide help and guidance for people looking for appropriate resources to care for elderly parents and relatives who need help. Out of town customers can easily arrange assistance for their disabled parents. Lucas Advisors offers one-time planning and long-term coordination and management services for older people. The counseling allows families to sleep better at night, knowing their elderly parents are well cared for and receiving adequate medical and personal assistance.

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America is currently grappling with a growing aging population that many young people are struggling with mostly because of their busy lifestyles. Lucas Advisors help plan the aging process with the right mindset. Lucas Advisors’ experienced advisors bid senior care Aging consultations, which include: continuation of adequate care and medical facilities, any future financial or budgetary requirements, any foreseeable legal and probate issues, and any personal or administrative requirements that the elderly may need.

Reading Corrigan from South Carolina described her experience working with Lucas Advisors as follows: “Luke is an excellent planner and a doer.”

Linda Windsor from California turned to Lucas Advisors during one of the most difficult times in her life. She explained Lucas’ efforts with the following words:

“During one of the most difficult times of my life, Luke provided knowledgeable, caring and thoughtful help, support and guidance. I didn’t know where to start, who to call, or how to deal with this overwhelming situation. I am responsible for my mother’s health care, household, and finances.

Luke is the empathetic and compassionate hand on my shoulder, guiding me down this rocky road.”

Living a happy and independent life regardless of age or circumstance is a basic human right. Lucas Advisors helps seniors live their lives to the fullest, often without support but still within reach when needed.

About Lucas Advisors

Luke’s advisor is a senior care consultancy led by Luke Daniels as the Senior Care Advisor. The company aims to help people through the often delicate and complex process of planning for their old age. The passionate team guides people and prepares them to lead independent and comfortable lives. The company has been taking care of people since 2004 with Luke at the helm of the company. Luke is also involved in elder care and is part of the community.


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