Scherrer Construction Co. Inc. celebrates over 90 years of quality general contractor construction services in Wisconsin

Scherrer Construction Co. Inc. has been Wisconsin’s premier construction and construction services company since 1928. We’re celebrating over 90 years of successful service to the community throughout Wisconsin.

Scherrer Construction is the most trusted general contractor in Wisconsin and construction management company. A family business operating since 1928, Scherrer Construction builds long-standing quality structures throughout Wisconsin. Scherrer Construction celebrates more than 90 years of success in the construction business.

Scherrer Construction Co, Inc

Whether it’s roofing, general commercial construction, or any other type of construction project, Scherrer Construction has been at the forefront of many major projects in his hometown. The company continues to be the builder of choice for major projects, relying on their experience and team of seasoned professionals to deliver projects throughout Wausau, WI, often on a timely basis that should be delivered on budget.

Vin Scherrer and Elmer Scherrer founded Scherrer Construction in 1928 by building barns and cottages throughout Burlington, Wisconsin and surrounding boroughs. And today, James E. Scherrer, the current CEO of Scherrer Construction, continues her legacy.

Scherrer Construction’s core values ​​were shaped by Vin and Elmer and are meticulously upheld by Mr. James Scherrer. These core values ​​are:

  • build properly

  • Encourage honest and open interactions with customers

  • Encourage honest and open interaction within our team

  • contribute the time, talent and effort required to get the job done right

  • Never take actions that jeopardize our reputation

Scherrer Construction was founded as a company that offers unparalleled craftsmanship and a team of professionals who take pride in serving their community. Today, Scherrer Construction maintains this spirit by building projects of the highest quality and excellent service. The company focuses on positive reinforcement and strong communication.

Clients working with Scherrer Constructions enjoy a wide range of services including:

  • Pre-construction consultancy and services such as internal consultation, planning, assessment, design, budgeting, LEED certifications, pre-referendum support and financing.

  • construction services; include building permits, subcontractor issues, project management and supervision.

  • post construction services; including operation and maintenance manuals, training videos, warranty support, certificate of occupancy and digital completion programs.

  • pre-referendum services for communities; This includes planning, communication campaigns, campaign materials and, most importantly, community engagement.

Readers can view all of the services provided by Scherrer Construction co. discover. by visiting the company’s official website at:

“We are not a run-of-the-mill commercial general contractor. Rather, we’ve built a reputation for being a one-stop solution that caters to all types of construction needs. In our books there is no project that is too small or too big. We pride ourselves on delivering projects that not only make the project owners proud, but us as well. Our team consists of the best professionals in the industry, and we continue to attract top talent from across the state.” Said a spokesman for Scherrer Construction co.

she added “If you are looking to start a construction project, please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation. Our team will be happy to help you.”

About Scherrer Bau

Wisconsin general contractor Scherrer Construction is one of Wisconsin’s most trusted and respected contractors with a reputation for providing general contractor and construction management services to a variety of markets.

Scherrer Construction provides pre-construction, construction and post-construction services primarily to municipalities, as well as a wide range of commercial projects including new construction, extensions, renovations and facility maintenance services.


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Scherrer Construction Co, Inc

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