Manicures at the Tucson Nail Salon

No matter if you have thick, short, or long nails, our nail technicians will create an elegant manicure for your fingers and hands. You can choose a traditional manicure, a gel manicure or a dip powder mani.

Standard Manicure

In the Tucson manicure we will shape your nail, remove dead skin, apply a cuticle removing product to your cuticles then push them back. We will also remove any debris. We will hydrate you with moisturizer. Trim and file. Buff and finally polish. Then we will massage your hands with our nourishing hand treatment. We will apply 2 thin coats in the color of your choice.

Paraffin Wax Spa Manicure

Our paraffin bath and massage is a relaxing spa experience. Your nails will be shaped, file and buffed to perfection, then we will treat your hands to a hydrating paraffin wax bath and massage. This will leave you with silky, soft hands and a mini massage on your neck.

French Manicure

The most popular type of manicure is the French manicure which consists of painting the tips of your nails with a white nail polish. You can also use different colors and designs on your nail polish. This will give it a unique appearance that will stand out.

Shellac Gel Manicure

Shellac manicures are durable, chip resistant and can encourage your nails to grow. This acrylic-type product is calcium and vitamin E fortified, and is UV light activated in order to cure and dry nails. It can last up two weeks.

Organic Spa Manicure

Our spa mani is a relaxing and rejuvenating service that combines a traditional manicure with an aromatic herb scrub. The nails will be shaped, filed, and buffed perfectly, and then we will treat your hands to an organic herbal scrub to leave them feeling silky and refreshing.


Our pedicure will involve soaking, washing and gently scrubbing your feet with an herbal foot scrub and applying a massage cream. Then the nails will be shaped, filed and buff with a hot towel. Then, you will receive both a hot stone wrap and a massage with hot stones before getting your polish.

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